Southeast Youth Corps

Cross cut saw workSoutheast Youth Corps (SYC) operates conservation service programs throughout the Southeast that focus on training and educating youth and young adults, while conserving and protecting the natural environment. Building upon the foundation of the Civilian Conservation Corps, SYC is focused on connecting local youth to the natural environment through service learning, personal development opportunities and recreation.

The SYC office is located in Chattanooga, TN, nestled between the Cumberland Plateau and the Appalachian Mountains. This ideal location allows the Southeast Youth Corps to engage a diverse population of youth in broad range of conservation service projects and recreation opportunities within some of the oldest and most biologically diverse forests in the eastern United States.

Trail WorkBike RideWorking with a griphoist


  • 83% of all parents surveyed said SYC’s YCC program improved their child’s leadership skills, and improved the overall health of their child.
  • 100% of the members from the 2013 YCC program stated that they learned technical skills associated with trail maintenance.
  • 100% of the members from the 2013 YCC program stated that they improved communication skills and/or community living skills.


“It would be wrong to guess that there would not be challenges ahead, but it is how face them that is the real test. We can meet the challenges and fall apart, or we can overcome them, but we really can’t walk away.”
2013 YCC Corps Member