Trips for Kids

Youth Conservation Corps (YCC)

Youth Conservation Corps (YCC)

Youth Conservation Corps

Youth Conservation Corps




To train and educate the youth of Chattanooga, while conserving and protecting the natural environment.



To engage youth in job-training skills and field-based curriculum that broadens their educational and economic opportunities, while instilling an obligation to self, community and the natural environment. Our members will be job ready, community responsible, and environmentally aware.



Southeast Youth Corps,  a program of Southwest Conservation Corps, is a youth development program aimed at continuing the legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930s. Southeast Youth Corps is focused on connecting local youth to the natural environment through conservation, service learning and recreation. To serve teens of all ages, we offer two programs under the Southeast Youth Corps umbrella; Trips For Kids and the summer Youth Conservation Corps program. Both programs focus on youth development, community service and conservation education.


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